2021 A Year for art and science

Organist Arttu Selonen at Lahti Organ Festival 2021 playing genemusic ODEINCODE, paraphase 3

Genemusic ODEINCODE from speakers in LAHTI MALVA MUSEUM at Public ART Exhibition

Bioart-installation at New Hospital of Kainuu

Interview in NATUREVOLVE about my bioart and soundart-projects.



Year 2021 was special for my art. My precious genemusic chimed thru organs and speakers during summertime in public places and at the opening of Organ Festival of Lahti. Bioart-project of mine got ready and was hanged on to the walls of The new Hospital of Kainuu. I was also interviewed to Naturevolve art-science magazine. The science and physical phenomenas in my art could be seen and heard in many ways.

Our blue planet made me search ecofriendlier ways to make art. I started to make eggtempera-paintings on clayplaster, I burned biochar to make my own carbonsink. Another year of Covid made me think more about nature and less about human.