silja selonen

Visual Artist Finland

I am a painter, bioartist and sound-seeker. Resonating between frigid physics and improbaple warmth of life.

Silja Selonen has gratuated at Arts Academy at Turku University of Applied Sciences year 2009. She did her written thesis about Art and Science. She also has master`s degree in painting and restoration.


  • her paintings are a beautiful marriage of art and science

-She is interested in capturing the invisible world in the visible, representing time, matter, energy and gravity, through her painting.

MHS National Art Honor Society
Finnish artist Silja Selonen creates beautifully atmospheric paintings that are deceivingly simple. She uses close, neutral colors to paint her figures, often left somewhat ambiguous and without excessive detail. This simplicity lends itself well to her emphasis on lighting, emotion, and the often geometric figures she paints as an interacting element in her artworks. Her pictures often capture a moment in time and the corresponding feelings of those within the space; this effect is enhanced by the soft but bright lighting of her figures and the intentional blur imposed upon the figures.


Accademia del Giglio


Arts Academy Turku University of Applied Sciences

Visual artist, sculptor

Pekka Halonen Academy/ Repin-institut

Portrait-painting, “Allaprima”,

Valamo Monestary


Restoration / painting and decoration

Master degree

Turku University


Astrobiology 1
Metaphysics 1


Painting Sculpting Publicart


Frescos Murals Gilding



Finalist, ARTSCIENCE CENTER, New York (In the competition : The Void an the Cloud) [link]


Finalist, S-group LTD, Finland (sculpture-competition)


Painted Faces Showdown winners, Saatchi Online/Griffin Gallery, London [link]


International Award Winners, Art kudos [link]