I use cymatic and DNA-sequenzes to express the nature of matter and the immortal sound of life. They are visualized by using an old photographic method called cyanotype. When exposing light-sensitive emulsion to sun, colors and figures appears. Birds are painted with pastel an oil.

Hear-the-harmony/ Serie:Sonata/16x22cm/ cyanotype,pastel,oil on canvas

Hear-the-heave/ Serie:Sonata/ 16x22 cm/ cyanotype,pastel,oil on canvas

Hear-the-gene/ Serie:Sonata/55x45x2 cm/ cyanotype,pastel,oil, UV-resin on canvas

Hear-the-dna/ Serie:Sonata/ 81x143x2 cm/ cyanotype,pastel,oil,UV-resin on canvas

Hear-the-momentum/ Serie:Sonata/ 141x81x2 cm/ cyanotype,pastel,oil on canvas


Hear-the-wave/ Serie:Sonata/ 61x150x2 cm/ cyanotype,pastel,oil on canvas