Artist statement

ME: I think about photons, when painting shadows. I see life as immemorial sonata, harmoniously resonating thru time-dimension.

MY ART: I often combine abstraction to realism, because existence is a mix of both. All we sense is realistic, but everything else in this great expansive world is abstract.

CONTEXT: When graduating from Arts academy, the written thesis of mine was about art and science and I still am exploring the theme – it´s unending. My art is a quiet description of us as fragile and temporary creatures living in eternal universe. I am visualizing physics forces and virtuality by innovative techiques. Virtuality is everything else but observable world of matter. And even matter is so virtual – empty energetic quantum-particles tightly knotted in their own time-dimension. I see that the thread between tangible and virtual is just in our minds due to our senses – we are experiencing only certain things in our slowmotion time-world between macro- and microkosmos and with these experiences we build our own reality. But in physics reality there is no limits between tangible and virtual.

MATERIALS, METHODS : Painting as a process is special and dear for me, but I am most interested in sound- and bio-art. Main coal is though always to somehow make the invisible world substantial. I really like to search and study new methods and I do not want to tie myself into just one material.

NOW: At present I am deep in sound and resonation. It is really interesting to try to collaborate with uncontrolled nature-force, to make it be an acessory – to imprison its virtuality to tangible form and color.