Welcome to visit my exhipition in Mältinrannan taidekeskus, Tampere , Finland. I have thought about light and sound-waves, the spinning universe and sentient human.

Welcome to tour to my summerexhipition in Brinkhall Manson, Turku, Finland. Works were about birds and universe. I used an old photographic technique “cyanotype”, when underpainting. The repeating figure is The Laniakea, supercluster of our universe. Birds are painted with pastel and oil, searching for lights and shadows made by our sun.

Making birds to the coming summerexhipition .
First exposing sunlight using syanothype- method. The figure is Laniakea – the most enormous form of galaxy-cluster human has this far calculated.

I have been playing with photons, making blues by using sun and syanothype – an old photographic technique.

These works have been accepted into "The Void and the Cloud "- exhipition. The online version will go live in a few weeks, and the pop-up version will take place in the fall 2017 in SciArt Center of New York.

newnew..thinking about tribes, being, moire, resonation, structure, air, wind..

Thinking about stable and unstable things. How old and heavy stone is full of irrational energy spinning inside it. How someday it will break itself out letting Entropy and disorder grow.

#workinprogress #f e e l t h e o t h e r

work in progress. Serie:Preesens/ f e e l t h e b a l a n c e

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